Chocolate City Justice

Chocolate City Justice

# 3 in the Crescent City Mystery Series

by Holli Castillo

published by Oak Tree Press

coming 2012


New Orleans prosecutor Ryan Murphy is back at work after being shot and is assigned a plum of a case- a drive–by shooting of a child’s birthday party, with the whole thing caught on videotape, including one of the shooters being tossed from the van at the crime scene after being shot himself.  But common in New Orleans, things aren’t always what they seem and Ryan finds herself investigating a possibility she’s been warned to stay away from.

When Hurricane Katrina takes a turn in the gulf, Ryan has very intention of evacuating with her family.  But trouble has a habit of following her, much of it self-induced, and when she does an unexpected favor for a friend, she ends up the target of the gang she’s investigating and misses her chance to escape the storm.  But she's not worried.  She's handled some of the worst criminals the city has to offer, and hurricanes never hit New Orleans. Right?

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